EMC Documentum D2: Powerful configuration services with a spreadsheet-style approach. Documentum D2 delivers rapid time to value, a modern and intuitive client interface, and simplified application implementation.

EMC aquired the D2 application in early 2012. I was assigned to redesign the product to improve usability, create a more customizable experience, and create a modern visual design that fit's EMC's family of Documentum products.

The former spreadsheet application was remodeled with a library of widgets and workspaces that an administrator can provide and end-users can customize. 
Early wireframes for the D2 redesign using configurable widgets that can be repositioned anywhere the user wants them.
Overview of the new D2 with preview widget
Comment widget on the right allows worker collaboration around content.
Content properties allow users to easily access and manage metadata.
A powerful faceted search interaction lets workers quickly drill in to the content they need. Findability at it's best.
Advanced searches can be created with ease using this flex-table format of building complex queries. Searches can be saved and shared.
Below is an example of the original application acquired by EMC
Here's where we started. This complex application required usability updates and a visual redesign. 
For more information on EMC Documentum D2 visit EMC

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