EMC Documentum xCP Designer
Client: EMC
Project role: Principal User Experience Architect/Visual Design Manager
xCP accelerates case management application development by providing reusable components, model-based configuration, and easily configurable user interface and dashboard tools. It enables developers and IT architects to compose and maintain applications using graphical tools. It's configuration not coding and makes bringing new web based applications to market faster, easier, and less expensive.

I joined EMC as the Principal User Experience Architect on this project in 2009. I started on xCP in the early conceptual stages of the project. I've been a guiding factor in the project vision through construction. My work on xCP helps the Information Intelligence Group and xCP User Experience and Development teams learn, design and build the platform. My focus has been primarily on the UI Composition area for the Application Builder Platform and the runtime user experience design. I consult several workstreams including search, analytics, and viewer technology.

I'm also the visual design lead on this project which includes leading the implementation teams through styling the application builder using Eclipse and SWT, and rendering the run-time environments using ExtJS, CSS3, and SASS to create a highly configurable end user experience.

We're still in development of the 2.0 version of this project which attempts to bring several existing EMC products together under one platform, redesign these components for ease of use and consistent user experience, and simplify the way software teams work to bring their case-based applications to the world.

My contributions to xCP include extensive interactive prototyping using AxurePro, Contextual inquiries and user research, development of personas, significant work on competitive analysis, and delivery of detailed user experience and information architecture specifications. I've also been leading the visual design and style guide efforts for all areas of the project.

Due to ongoing work on xCP there's not much I can share online. Feel free to contact me if you have questions.
This video provides a quick introduction to xCP.
This is an example of a wireframe sketch for xCP. Most of our wireframes use this style.
This is an example screen from our interactive prototype. Prototypes play a key role in our user studies and verification of concepts with customers, engineers, and executives.
This is an example of the visual design work in progress as of the last update of this portfolio (January 2011)
The example above shows the xCP UI Composition editor in use laying out a typical dashboard view for an application.
This image and the following screens demonstrate the final runtime web application after themes and layout have been completed using the tools mentioned above. this is the default theme that ships with the xCP Designer platform.

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