Project: EMC Info Archive, Email Archiving and eDiscovery Reporting
Client: EMC
My Role: Principal User Experience Designer/Researcher
On this project I was responsible for requirements gathering with stakeholders and project managers, providing design concepts form initial vision through release, Creating an interactive prototype used for user studies and internal approvals, and delivering details specifications for engineering and QA testing. 
What is it?
InfoArchive allows for the creation of collections of search results that can aid in the process of legal discovery. Typically, it is the e-Discovery Administrator that uses collection-related functionality. After executing a synchronous or asynchronous search for data, the user is able to save the search
results as a collection. Collections can be accessed from the Collections tab.
The metadata is recorded in a document called the collection manifest, which includes data such as collection name, descriptions, search criteria, and other related information. 

The e-Discovery Administrator is able to apply a legal hold to a collection. The hold continues until the matter is resolved legally. Once resolved, the matter can be closed and all the collection are released from the hold. The legal matters for each
application can be accessed from the Legal Matters tab.

The eDiscovery Administrator can create a reusable search used to define the criteria to create a  collection of records.

The search results may be used to create a collection used in a legal matter. 

A list of collections is saved and accessible to me used for research and as legal evidence in a matter. 

Each collection can be selected to see a detailed view of the collection content. 

Collections are added to a legal matter for use in a case managed by counsel. 

A "quick view" allows a preview fo the legal matter by expanding the row. 

During creation of a collection the asynchronous process is managed on the Background Results area of the application. Large collections may take time to collect and create. 

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