My role in this project was to work with project managers and stakeholders to define the application vision, research user needs, create personas, and deliver designs and engineering specifications that meet the desired needs. 
Deliverables included initial wireframes, interactive prototypes for testing and stakeholder review/approvals, visual design direction and graphic assets, and detailed specifications. 

The app will operate in the context of a particular Capital Project.  The user will select the active project from the project filter.  This selection will display a dashboard and present an overview of inspection records that exist for the project site. Each record represents an inspection with a visual location on a map of the site. 

The Inspection Record list allows the inspector to review existing reports, manage reports, Gather report info, and Create new reports for the selected site. 

The inspection details screen allows a user to review, edit, and create new reports. The form allows for adding details, importing images, inserting location information based on map coordinates, and scanning equipment tags. 

Comment threads may be attached to a report vial the application and through a web-based cloud application.

Users may search using keywords or scanning an equipment tag to locate related inspection reports as well as related information located on the main data server or repository. 

Content may be saved and stored on the device for quick access and to be used when the device is offline or the user has no available access to the internet or WIFI. 

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