INFRA Structure

Infrared Photography

This is the beginning of a series of infrared images featuring interesting architecture of historic importance. The images are printed for exhibition of sheets of aluminum which provides a beautiful quality of light reflection that enhances the infrared experience. 
Old Burying Point, Salem MA
The Philips House, Salem MA
Lynnewood Hall, Elkins Park PA
Salem Common, Salem MA
The Devereux-Hoffman-Simpson House, Chestnut, Chestnut, Street, Salem MA
Pickering House, Broad Street, Salem MA
Jonathan Corwin House, Salem MA
Cotting-Smith Assembly House, Salem MA
Fonthill Casle, Doylestown PA
Winter Island Barracks, Salem MA
Dickson Memorial Chapel, Salem MA
Gerry Island, Marblehead MA
The House of Seven Gables, Salem MA
Nathaniel Hawthorne's Tree (House of the Seven Gables) Salem, MA
Salem Harbor Waterfront
Blake Chapel, Salem MA
Delaware Canal Tow Path, New Hope PA

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